• Oral Health Awareness September 2017

    10km Mouth Cancer Walk

    Clifford Bridge Academy Oral Health Education
    Clifford Bridge Academy Oral Health Education

    We did it! The team had a great day in London completing the 10km Mouth Cancer Walk through Hyde Park in support of this year's chosen charity, the Mouth Cancer Foundation. The route took us through the park and luckily the weather was kind as it was a lovely autumn day. We received a goody bag, t-shirt and medal each. We raised £497.50, which we are thrilled with. Thank you to everyone who sponsored us; the donations are winging their way to the Mouth Cancer Foundation, where they will be put to great use.

    The MCF helps support people affected with mouth cancer, along with their families.  The disease can leave sufferers with life-long effects and patients may need help with re-learning speech and coping with eating. Unfortunately, mouth cancer's on the increase, but early detection increases chances of survival  – that's why we check your mouth at your routine dental examinations and encourage regular dental visits. Look out for Mouth Cancer Action Month in November, we'll be sharing more advice then.

    Thanks again to everyone who sponsored us!

  • Health Education June 2017

    Clifford Bridge Academy Oral Health Education for Year 2 Students

    Clifford Bridge Academy Oral Health Education

    As part of National Smile Month, our dental hygienist, Neelam, and our treatment coordinator, Alison, went into primary schools to promote oral health education, encouraging them to adopt healthy oral health habits and enabling them to make healthy decisions and adopt healthy lifestyles. It is during childhood that oral health behaviours develop, so this is the key time to educate children on reducing their risk of tooth decay.
    Neelam and Alison taught Year 2 children how to brush their teeth and adopt healthy dietary habits. The children were very interactive and enjoyed this fun session and they also got a chance to demonstrate correct tooth brushing to their class.

  • Smile Bright Kids Open Day June 2017

    Smile Bright Kids Open Day on Friday 2nd June 2017
    from 2pm – 5pm

    Smile Bright Kids Open Day

    Binley Woods Dentistry are opening our doors to children and their parents! A fun afternoon of face painting, oral health education, tooth brushing demonstrations, dietary advice, free goody bags, tooth friendly snacks and even a guest appearance from Peppa Pig! Join us!

  • National Smile Month May 2017

    National Smile Month – Mirror of Smiles

    National Smile Month – Mirror of Smiles

    As Part of National Smile Month, the staff have been encouraging patients to cover their mirrors with sticky notes about what makes them smile. Our mirror is full of lovely comments from our patients!