We use dermal fillers to reduce the appearance of unwanted wrinkles and revitalise the skin, while improving contour and creating volume. Dermal fillers are a synthetic form of hyaluronic acid, a chemical that naturally exists in your body. The soft gel is injected into the skin where it gets to work boosting the skin’s own supply of hyaluronic acid and effectively smoothing over, filling and plumping-out lines, giving a more youthful appearance.

As the skin ages, it loses collagen and fat, and causes the skin to sag and develop lines. Hyaluronic acid plays an important part in replenishing and moisturising the skin, and returning its elasticity and tone.

Dermal fillers are long lasting but not permanent, although a single treatment can last between six and 12 months, depending on your lifestyle, skin type or age. Fillers give a natural look and do not affect facial expression.

Dermal fillers are perfect for around the lip and mouth creases, eyes, brow and nose to mouth lines. Fillers can add shape and fullness to your lips, and give you an instantly rejuvenated look.

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