Teeth naturally become darker with age – but this is compounded by lifestyle habits, such as smoking, and dark, tannin-rich foods and drinks, which cause teeth to stain. Luckily, it is now possible to improve the natural shade of your teeth and give you back a fresh and healthy-looking smile.
At Binley Woods, our treatment of choice is Enlighten Evolution Whitening, the only product to guarantee the the whitest professional shade – Vita shade B1 – for every patient. Results with Enlighten are long-lasting, with low sensitivity.
So why come to Binley Woods for teeth whitening? Legally, teeth whitening can only be carried out by a dental professional. It’s an evidence-based treatment that is totally safe and virtually pain-free. If your teeth and gums are generally healthy, it is likely that you’ll be a suitable candidate for teeth whitening – and at Binley Woods you will undergo a thorough consultation before treatment, to ensure teeth whitening is right for you.

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The health and appearance of your teeth and gums is our number-one priority at Binley Woods Dentistry. Though we will always champion minimally invasive procedures over more costly and time consuming alternatives, when it comes to teeth whitening we won’t recommend treatment unless we are confident it will produce the results you really want. Some tooth stains can’t be eliminated by teeth whitening alone, and at Binley Woods we will give you a clear and honest opinion, suggesting alternatives if necessary.
Tooth whitening (bleaching) is an excellent way of making an overall change in the appearance of your teeth and the improvement can be subtle or dramatic depending on the health of your teeth to begin with, and on the result you want.
An accredited Enlighten Professional Tooth Whitening Centre, Binley Woods Dentistry uses products manufactured to the highest standards and recommended by many members of the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. We’ve only ever worked with Enlighten Laboratories and over the years have treated many teeth whitening patients. From simple to complex treatments, in every case the results have been excellent and consistent.
If you’ve read about lasers, lights and lunch-hour treatments for teeth whitening, you won’t find these at Binley Woods Dentistry, because currently they lack the evidence to support their use, and the results are often short-lived and uncomfortable. Many patients who undergo these treatments are subsequently informed that extra home whitening is required to achieve their desired result. This is why at Binley Woods Dentistry we only provide treatments that are proven to work and deliver the result you desire.
An initial consultation is all that is required to see if you are suitable for teeth whitening at Binley Woods Detistry. Your dentist will talk you through the process and introduce you to the care package included in our tooth whitening treatments, which includes products to use before, during and after the bleaching process.

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The Binley Woods Teeth Whitening care package includes:
Enlighten Tooth serum 
Sensitive mouthwash
Sensodyne toothpaste
Retainer Brite® cleaning tablet

Enlighten teeth whitening at Binley Woods Dentistry – case study

The above photos illustrate a more challenging case. The patient’s starting shade was dark as a result of antibiotic staining during childhood. The ‘after’ image shows the results achieved following just two weeks of using our Enlighten home whitening procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does the Enlighten teeth whitening procedure involve?

    • Initial consultation with the dentist
    • Impressions taken for your custom-made Super Seal bleaching trays, which lock the bleach in place and protect your gums
    • Begin brushing teeth with your Tooth Serum whilst waiting for tray fabrication
    • Return to collect your trays and to go through instructions
    • Start 14 nights home whitening with the Enlighten system and return to us at the end for review

  • What is the concentration of Enlighten bleach?

    Enlighten consists of either 10% or 16% carbamide peroxide gel. Your Binley Woods dentist will advise which is best for you.

  • What is Enlighten Tooth Serum?

    Tooth serum is a nano-hydroxyapatite, potassium nitrate and fluoride toothpaste, specially designed to reduce sensitivity and prolong the whitening effect. While you’re waiting for your custom bleaching trays to be made, brush with Tooth Serum twice daily and then throughout your bleaching treatment. As well as protecting the teeth, brushing with Tooth Serum after treatment prolongs the whitening effect and slows down fade-back.

  • Why do you recommend using Sensodyne during teeth whitening?

    If you experience discomfort during treatment, your dentist may advise you to load your trays with Sensodyne toothpaste, which is designed to relieve the pain of sensitive teeth. Wear them like this for an hour in the evening prior to bleaching. Sensodyne can also be used in specific areas by applying and rubbing with the fingertip directly on the sensitive area.

  • How white will Enlighten make my teeth?

    This depends on their colour to start with, as well as your diet and lifestyle habits such as smoking. All teeth will whiten with Enlighten – some up to 16 shades brighter. You can control the whiteness of your teeth by reducing or increasing the whitening period.

  • Will my crowns, veneers, bridges and fillings change colour with Enlighten?

    No. If you require a uniform effect, you may need to consider replacement of your restorations after teeth whitening. Your dentist will discuss this with you prior to starting any treatment and put a comprehensive plan in place.

  • Does Enlighten hurt?

    You may experience some temporary sensitivity, however the care package we provide will help reduce and control this before and during bleaching.

  • How long does it take to whiten teeth with Enlighten?

    Usually two weeks after receiving your bespoke Enlighten bleaching trays. The trays are very thin, soft, comfortable and well-fitting. They must be worn for 14 consecutive nights, or longer depending on the starting colour of your teeth.

  • How long do Enlighten results last?

    With simple but regular maintenance, result can be long-term. Simply wear your Enlighten trays for one night every other month.

  • Is Enlighten safe?

    Yes. Enlighten’s main bleaching ingredient is used worldwide in dentistry for more than a century, with robust evidence to support it.

  • What is Retainer Brite?

    Retainer Brite dissolving tablets are used to thoroughly clean your trays and remove any toothpaste or bleach residue, which can affect the whitening result. You may wish to use a Retainer Brite® cleaning tablet to cleanse your trays prior to loading the bleach.

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