Teeth that are stained, crooked or worn, chipped or damaged through an accident or decay can be rejuvenated simply and quickly with porcelain veneers. Veneers are one of the most durable, aesthetic and reliable forms of dental restorations available and can last for many years. Veneers can also enhance the appearance of existing crowns and bridges without the need for anaesthetic or drilling.

A veneer is a thin shell of a special dental material, custom-designed to cover the front of a prepared tooth to restore or improve its appearance. Made of porcelain or composite materials, veneers are then coloured to match the existing shade of the other teeth. Veneers today now be made as thin as 0.2mm.

Generally, veneers are fitted in two separate appointments. The first appointment will be for the tooth or teeth to be prepared for the veneers. This will involve numbing the teeth with a local anaesthetic so there is no discomfort during treatment. A small amount of the front surface of the tooth is removed and impressions taken so the final custom-made veneers can be prepared. The veneers are then fitted at the second appointment to create a uniform, natural and healthy looking smile.

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